"LWR started over 15 years ago in Southern California, by my Mother, Lily. She has always been creative by nature, and loves to venture out into the world experiencing new things. She would set up her shop at local markets along the Pacific Coast of Southern California as well as the deserts of Arizona. Recently, she reached out because she wanted to pass down her tradition of wooden roses. It was then that I knew I wanted to turn these beautiful creations into something more...

 I've always felt everyone is special in their own ways, and not always do we have to celebrate a traditional holiday to spread this kind of happiness! I mean, how big would you smile if on your doorstep was a bouquet & a handwritten message?!  

It's the little things in life that mean the most & communication between one another means the ULTIMATE MOST. Time on earth is not guaranteed, so let's celebrate one another, and spread kindness around because it feels good.

Let's Celebrate that girl your dating and want to be exclusive, Let's celebrate that math test you worked so hard on and thought you failed, or hey even if you did fail, lets celebrate that too because their is something to be learned by that! Let's spruce up that kitchen, or bathroom with bright colors year round, or just have wooden roses in the house because its a flower that will never wilt. Personalize your bouquet to communicate what you may not be able to say out loud, or just leave that one wooden rose for that person to keep wondering who it came from. Whatever your reason, stop and share the roses!" - Jenna